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Gigi and Jacky

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Age: 9-10 years

Gender: Female

Dogs: OK

Cats: Not known

In a loving foster home in Fremont. We would like Gigi and Jacky to be placed together


Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Weight: 50lbs

Dogs: Very well

Cats: Not known

In a loving foster home in Fremont. We would like Gigi and Jacky to be placed together

Meet GiGi 8 to 9 years of age and Jacky 18 months old. Our plan is to place these souls together. They have become a bonded pair. Both of these beautiful golden babies came from a nasty puppy mill in Taiwan. GiGi has had many litters. She and Jacky had poor nutrition, living in filthy conditions, no medical attention and no protection from the elements. Jacky and GiGi are very shy, needing to have a quiet family full of patience and love. Everyday they would see life through the wires of a cage/kennel, hoping someone will be feeding them that day! Now, they run and chase each other, love going for their daily walks and happy to eat their breakfast and dinner together. That was something that they had not had - regular feeding! GiGi and Jacky have now been in foster for 8 months, 4 months in Taiwan and now here in Fremont, for 4 months. They both have become loving, gained weight, and are building up their confidence. They are still working on leash training and now are cuddle bugs with their foster Mom. These two are some of the reasons we ask people to please rescue and not go to puppy mills or backyard breeders.


Age: 9-10 years

Gender: Male


Dogs: Fine

Cats: Ignores them

In a loving home in Lodi - his foster mom says that he's a cool, old dude looking for his lady !!!

PonPon was surrendered by his owner. Although PonPon is a senior dog, he is still very active. He has a very good temperament and gets along with dog well. He is also very calm and gentle. PonPon enjoys staying with people and waits patiently to get some attention

According to X- rays, PonPon’s right hip is out of the socket. However, the vet doesn’t suggest any surgery due to his age. He may have some problems getting up and down stairs. Otherwise, he has no problem walking or running. We think PonPon just needs weight control and hip supplement to maintain his mobility. PonPon is neutered, healthy and up to date on vaccines. He is also chipped.