Doggy Details

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Age:7-8 years

Gender: Female


Dogs: OK

Cats: Not known

Now chasing butterflies in her backyard and loving her new family!

Dolly was found wandering on the streets. We found she’s chipped after taking her to the vet. Sadly, the owner told us Dolly was adopted out long time ago. The owner refused to take her back. Therefore, we had to bring Dolly to our rescue and started finding another home for her.

Dolly loves people and enjoys staying with them all day. She is a lovely girl and is always calm and gentle. She gets along with dogs well. However, she was a little scared and barked at dogs in the beginning after we brought her to our rescue. We guess she might not have chance meeting other dogs in the past and she has no idea what to do when meeting new dogs. She is doing much better now and has no problem playing with dogs. Dolly is spayed, healthy, up to date on vaccines and chipped.


Age:3-4 years

Gender: Male


Dogs: Very well

Cats: Chases them

Now ruling the hearts and minds of his new loving family!

Prince was from owner surrender. He came with the other golden, Cali to our rescue together because the owner has to move to China due to job relocation. The owner wasn’t able to take the dogs. Therefore, we agrees to take Prince and Cali and find them good homes.

Prince looks like a golden mix. However, he has personality just like goldens. He is very sweet and affectionate. He loves to stay with people and is very obedient. Prince also gets along with dogs well. He has a great temperament and always walks away when there is a fight. He prefers playing with dogs that he is familiar with. Prince has mild separation anxiety. He may bark when he is left alone. However, it’s easy to stop him barking when you say “No” to him. We are glad that Cali has found her hew home in the US. Now we would like to find Prince a forever home as well. Prince is neutered, healthy and up to date on vaccines. He is also chipped.