Doggy Details

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Age:7-8 years

Gender: Female

Dogs? ok

Cats? Not known

Now getting ready for a fun summer with her new, loving family

A short note from Sunny:

Hi! My name is Sunny and I'm about 7 years old. In addition to being sweet and loving, I'm really rather good looking with big brown eyes and long eyelashes. I have distinctive markings on my mid-section and you can always spot me in a crowd. However, there are NO zebras in my family tree. None.

I flew to the US on March 18th and am now a bonafide Sit-i-zen. Before I got to TPK Rescue in Taiwan, the less said about my life, the better. It was not pretty. I had a bad injury to my right knee at a very young age - possibly a torn ACL. Nothing was done to help me and as a result, my knee is almost completely fused together. It doesn't stop me and I happily hippity-hop along. I do have arthritis from this injury and I cannot jump into and out of a car.

My ideal family is to be the only dog so that I can command all the love and attention. If you are the family for me, please contact True Love Rescue and they'll put you in touch with me.

Love from, Sunny

Sunny's Story: Sunny was found wandering on the streets before Chinese New Year. Her coat was dirty and matted. On the right side, there seems to be some auto oil. After grooming, we found that it’s some black fur. We have no idea why Sunny has a small pinch of black fur. However, it makes her look very special. Sunny was Ehrlichia positive when she was rescued. She has been treated and is now a healthy girl.

Sunny is a very sweet and affectionate girl. She loves her human companions and is very obedient to them. Sunny is always gentle and calm. She gets along with dogs well, too. However, she doesn’t play with them often. She prefers staying alone and not to be bothered. Sunny doesn’t pick up fights. However, she is not fond of being challenged. She will fight back if she’s attacked. We are looking for a home where Sunny can be loved. Sunny is spayed, healthy, up to date on vaccines and chipped.

Age:9-10 years

Gender: Female

Dogs? OK

Cats? Ignores them

Now getting ready to live it up this summer, with bells on, with her new and loving family

Pauline's Story: (Updated May 25) Pauline was found abandoned on the streets at midnight. She had skin severe skin issues when she was rescued. Meanwhile, she was heartworm and Ehrlichia positive. After taking her to the vet, she has been treated and is doing great now. She is now a healthy girl and her coat is growing in nicely. She's a spritely lady!

Pauline is an active and playful girl. She loves her human companions and stays with them. At the Easter play day and at Woof Wine and Wag at Jill's house, she was happy to meet people and dogs but stayed close to her foster mom.

Pauline gets along with dogs well. However, she doesn’t play with them often. She gets along with them without fights. Pauline likes to get your attention by mouthing your hands. For this reason, we prefer she goes to a home without young kids. We hope she can find an experienced owner who is willing to love her and help her have a happy second-half of her life. Pauline is spayed, healthy, up to date on vaccines and chipped