Doggy Details


Age: 10+ years

Gender: Female

Dogs? OK

Cats?Ignores them

Now trying to charm her new brother into cuddling up!


Sophie's Story:

Sophie was rescued from a local shelter in Taiwan. She was in critical condition and we had to rush her to ER to save her life. Her body was covered with blood and secretions. She was too weak to stand up, so we put her on a dog trailer when we picked her up.

After taking Sophie to the hospital, the vet found she had Pyometra and needed a surgery immediately. Luckily, Sophie was saved and stayed in hospital for 2 weeks for recovery. Sophie is a sweet girl. Since she is a senior dog, she is always calm and gentle. She usually stays quietly next to her human companions and waits to get attention. Sophie has a great temperament and she gets along with dogs well. She may be shy in the beginning, but she will play with other dogs after she gets to know them.

Sophie isn’t a big size golden. However, she was overweight when rescued. She may be used to live in the kennel and never has a chance to get out for exercise. Therefore, her front feet are little curved which make her difficult to walk during the first few months after rescued. Now Sophie has lost weight and looks better now. She used to have a low T4. However, she is doing fine now after taking some medication. Her coat comes back little by little and looks prettier than she was before.

We have no idea what life Sophie has been through over the past years. She has no smile at all after she came to the rescue. It takes her couple weeks to build up her confidence. Now Sophie starts showing her personality and becomes more active and playful. We know it’s not easy to find a senior dog a home. However, we still wish that Sophie can get more love and care that she deserves. Sophie is spayed, healthy, up to date on vaccines and chipped.

Age: 8-9 years

Gender: Male

Dogs? OK

Cats?Not known

Now starting to check out fall colors with his new loving family!

Grant's Story:

Grant was surrendered by his owner. He stayed in the kennel for all his life without any chance stepping out. There is no quality at all living in such a small space. One of the owner’s friends couldn’t stand that Grant suffered. He decided to call us for help. We tried to persuade the owner to surrender Grant to the rescue, and he agreed without thinking too much. Apparently, the owner has no intention to keep Grant anymore.

Grant is a sweet boy. He is very active and playful. However, he doesn’t trust people in the beginning if he is not familiar with them. He may stay alert and take some time to observe at first. As long as he feels comfortable and thinks he can trust you, he will be very obedient.

Grant would benefit from socialization with both people and dogs so that he can trust again. We would prefer Grant going to a home without kids. Grant may learn to behave well after some training. That’s why we are looking for an experienced owner. Grant is neutered, healthy, up to date on vaccines and chipped.


Age: 7-8 years

Gender: Male

Dogs? OK

Cats?Not known

Now, getting geared up to some serious cuddling with his new loving family!

Herman's Story:

Herman was found wandering in a scenic spot. The coast guard who works nearby rescued Herman, but he was not able to keep him. Therefore, we offered help and brought Herman to our rescue. After taking Herman to the vet, he was found heartworm positive. He looked in pretty good shape when we picked him up. Therefore, we guess he might be a stray for a short time. Herman has finished his heartworm treatment and now is a happy and healthy boy.

Herman gets along with dogs well. He may not play with them often. However, he has a very good temperament. He never picks up fights and will only fight back when he is attacked. Herman is very sweet and affectionate. He loves his human companions a lot and is very obedient to them. Hermanis neutered, healthy, up to date on vaccines and chipped


Age: 8 yr

Gender: Female

Dogs: Fine

Cats: Fine

Now getting ready for some serious fall gardening with her loving family!

Jessie's story:

My name is Jessie. I came to the US from Taiwan in Sept 2015 in a great big airplane. I was adopted by a lovely family. Sadly, dad passed away. I am 63lbs of love looking for my second forever home. I am good with dogs, cats, & kids. I love my toys, I don't bark, I travel well, and could be a the best-ever greeter at Wal-Mart. I am in the process of getting my health evaluated.


Age: 7 years

Gender: Male

Dogs? Great

Cats?Not known

In a loving foster home in Lodi.

Now looking to turn some heads with his new loving family!

Draper's Story:

Hi my name is Draper, I am an 8yr neutered male. Draper is the name my foster mom gave me because I was found wandering on Draper Mine Rd. in Tuolumne County. A very nice gentleman took me to the shelter so that I'd be safe. The shelter said I was one of the worst cases of neglect they had seen: flea infestation, big dirty matts, sores on my skin, and very, very thin. My foster mom thinks I was possibly hit by a car or chucked out of a moving car because my elbow pad is badly scraped up.

My new life has started and I'm loving it. I got a warm bath which included a massage. I'm fed twice daily. I have been brushed and all the heavy matts are gone. I have an endless bucket of tennis balls to play with and I am trying very hard to put two in my mouth. I am good with other dogs, I love traveling in the car, love to be petted, & play ball. I am a great boy. In my younger years I was a "chick magnet" - I have a few warts and spots but it just adds character!

I wear a T-Shirt when I'm outside so that the hairless spots do not get sunburnt. I will be ready for adoption in a few months when I am all healthy. I am looking for my forever home to love me to the end.