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Arriving on April 4 @SFO



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Arriving on April 4 @SFO


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Arriving on April 4 @SFO


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Arriving on April 4 @SFO



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Enjoying some TLC while she gets stronger in a loving foster home. Not currently available for adoption. Stay tuned!


Age:9-10 years

Gender: Female


Dogs: Very well

Cats: Not known

Anita was found wandering on the streets. She had skin issues when rescued. We tried medicated bath and other treatment to improve her skin condition. Sadly, some skin looks dark and it will never have any hair back. That’s why Anita can’t find a home until now. She doesn’t look as pretty as other golden retrievers. Therefore, people who visit our facility won’t notice her when they greet and meet our dogs. We would like to see Anita can have a chance getting adopted in the US so that Anita can have her family to call her own for few years.

Anita is a very sweet and affectionate girl. She loves to stay with people and enjoys getting attention. She also gets along with dogs well and always walks away when there is a fight. Anita has a great temperament. She deserves to be loved. Anita is spayed, healthy, up to date on vaccines and chipped.


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Being fostered in a loving home in Palo Alto.


Age:8-9 years

Gender: Male


Dogs: Very Well

Cats: Ignores them

Hank was rescued from a local shelter in Taiwan. He was very skinny and had skin issues when we pulled him out. Luckily, he gains weight day by day and his skin issues also get fixed by medicated bath and treatment. Hank is now a healthy and happy boy.

Hank gets along with dogs well. He is a very sweet and affectionate boy. He loves his human companions a lot and enjoys getting attention from them. He is always gentle and calm. Hank loves to play with dogs and never has any fight. We have no idea why such a good boy would ended up being abandoned in the shelter. Hank deserves to be loved and well taken care of. Hank is neutered, healthy and up to date on vaccines. He is also chipped.


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Pon Pon has been diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma. He will remain in hospice in a loving foster home in Davis


Age: 9-10 years

Gender: Male


Dogs: Fine

Cats: Ignores them

His foster mom says that he's a cool, playful, old dude looking for his lady !!!

PonPon was surrendered by his owner. Although PonPon is a senior dog, he is still very active. He has a very good temperament and gets along with dog well. He is also very calm and gentle. PonPon enjoys staying with people and waits patiently to get some attention

According to X- rays, PonPon’s right hip is out of the socket. However, the vet doesn’t suggest any surgery due to his age. He may have some problems getting up and down stairs. Otherwise, he has no problem walking or running. We think PonPon just needs weight control and hip supplement to maintain his mobility. PonPon is neutered, healthy and up to date on vaccines. He is also chipped.