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Arriving at SFO Sept 9


Age: 8 years

Gender: Female


Dogs: Very well

Cats: Ignores them

Amy was from owner surrender. She came with her brother. However, her brother still has skin issues and has to stay for treatment. Amy is lucky to be ready for her new home now.

Amy is a sweet and affectionate girl. She may be shy in the beginning. However, she will start showing her personality after she gets used of the new surroundings. She loves her human companions and enjoys staying with them all day. She may needs some encouragement when walking her with a leash. Amy gets along with dogs well. She may not play with them often. She prefers staying with people instead. Amy is spayed, healthy, up to date on vaccines and chipped.


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Coming at a later date!


Age: 1.5 years

Gender: Male

Weight: Fitch: 50lbs;

Gaining confidence in a loving foster home in Fremont

Life has not been fair to Fitch. He came out of a puppy mill in Taiwan. Through no fault of his own, he and his brothers were not sold to a pet store. They lived the entirety of their life, all 1.5 years in a tiny enclosure. Fed only occasionally, with NO socialization, NO ball playing, NO walks on a leash and absolutely no belly rubs or loving human contact. Or even just being petted. It was a horrible existence.

He has have been here in the US for 5 weeks and in the care of a loving foster family, has come a long way and are starting to enjoy life.

Fitch is making progress and is the last of The Fab Four. His sweet personality is gaining confidence and he's starting to trust his human caretakers and learning to be a puppy.

This is why we do what we do. These boys have been rescued from a deplorable situation and are headed towards a healthy, happy and loving future.

Age: 9-10 years

Gender: Male


Dogs: Very well

Cats: ok

In a loving foster home

Marvin was surrendered from his owner. Actually, the owner was too busy to take care of Marvin. Therefore, he just let Marvin go free and doesn’t care if he will come home. Marvin was found on the streets by people several times. We offered to help and persuade the owner to surrender Marvin to the rescue. Luckily, the owner agreed and Marvin can finally start his journey to his forever home.

Marvin is a very sweet and affectionate boy. He is always calm and gentle. He loves his human companions and enjoys staying with them. Marvin has a great temperament. He gets along with dogs well and always walks away when there is a fight. We would love to find Marvin a home where he can get the attention he deserves. Marvin is neutered, healthy and up to date on vaccines. He is also chipped.