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Age:7-8 years

Gender: Male


Dogs: OK

Cats: Not known

Being fostered in Lodi, CA

Bailey was rescued from a private shelter. He was not well taken care of there and the volunteer who worked in the shelter asked us to help. We agreed to take Bailey and find him a forever home. Bailey doesn’t look like a purebred golden retriever. However, he has a great temperament. He is very gentle and calm and is also very obedient. Bailey loves his human companions. He gets along with dogs well, too. According to his X-rays, Bailey’s hips are not good. However, it doesn’t affect him at all. He can still walk and run without any problem. The vet suggests giving Bailey some hips supplement daily. Bailey is neutered, healthy and up to date on vaccines. He is also chipped.


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Not currently available for adoption


Age:8-9 years

Gender: Female


Dogs: Very well

Cats: Not known

Venus is in a special foster home gaining confidence and learning to trust.

Venus was rescued with Boss and Clair from the same puppy mill. She was used for breeding for all her life. She seldom had human contact before rescued. Therefore, she got very nervous when meeting strangers. Venus was very skinny when we picked her up. Luckily, she has gained some weight over the past few months. She is doing great now. We are hoping that she can find a home to call her own.

Venus is a very shy girl. She is frightened by loud noise easily. She doesn’t know how to walk with a leash. She may keep circling when going out for walks. Venus is very gentle. She gets along with dogs well. However, she stays in the corner all the time. She needs to build up more confidence so that she can feel more relaxed and calm. We are looking for an owner who has patience and time. It may take Venus some time to act like other dogs, but we believe she will get there. Venus is spayed, healthy, up to date on vaccines and chipped.