Adopting a new family member

Before you start: True Love Rescue is keen to help you find the perfect addition to your family. Please read the following informaton carefully so that you are aware of our adoption process, restrictions and timelines. The number of applications to adopt have increased exponentially in the past 6 months and we want to set your expectations ahead of time.

Important note on timeline:

Typically it can take 2-3 weeks after you submit your application to be contacted by a volunteer who will answer any questions you might have and set up a home visit. Only after your application is approved will you be able to adopt one of the available dogs.

Please know we are all volunteers in this organization and we appreciate your understanding and patience.

We have a large backlog of approved families eagerly waiting for a suitable dog (and we are very thankful for that!). So unfortunately, if you see pictures of the next flight of dogs arriving on our Facebook page or on this website and submit an application, it is unlikely your application will be approved in time for those dogs.

Before the you apply:

  • Here are some things for you to know and consider. These are the guidelines we follow.
  • Please be aware that each situation is unique and exceptions can be made at the discretion of True Love Rescue officers.
    • Home & Yard
      • Our dogs need an attached yard for easy outdoor access.
      • The rescued dogs come from deplorable conditions and are often not house-broken. Not having a yard makes it frustrating all around.
      • We do not adopt to families living in apartments/condos without an attached yard.
        • Balconies do not qualify.
        • Nearby parks, openspaces do not quality.
        • Your yard must be securely fenced (at least 5').
        • If you have a swimming pool, it needs to be fenced too.
        • A fenced in kennel run is not an acceptable substitute
        • An in-ground electronic fence is unacceptable.
      • We do not typically adopt to families in rental properties. In our experience, when circumstances require the family to move, the dogs often are given up.
        • However, we do recognize each situation is unique. We will review each application carefully and consider it at our discretion.
        • If you are in a rental property, we require a copy of the rental agreement stating large dogs are permitted.
        • We reserve the right to decline applicants based on our evaluation
    • Children
      • Safety is our top concern when placing a dog in your family.
      • Often, we do not have much information on a rescued dog's history. Our evaluation of a dog's temperament is over a short time period and cannot to be considered comprehensive.
      • For this reason, in most cases, we do not adopt to families with small children (under 5).
    • Geographical locations for adoption
      • The majority of our adoptions are made within our geographical area — Northern California; however, we do have adopters all along the West Coast as well as in Nevada and Arizona.
      • After the dogs arrive in the United States traveling 20+ hours for 6700 miles,we do not fly them again.
      • There are Goldens everywhere looking for loving families. Please refer to Other Rescue Organizations for a list of other Golden Retriever rescue groups.

    Adoption Process

    1. Form: Please fill out the form and provide as much information as possible. It will help us find the right dog for you.
    2. TLR Volunteer contact: After you submit your application, it will be forwarded to a volunteer in your area. They will then contact you to learn a bit more about you, tell you about TLR and also to set up a home visit.
    3. Timeline: Since we are a completely volunteer run organization, this could take up to a month depending on the volunteer's availability. Most of us have day jobs and dedicate our free time for the goldies. So, we ask for your patience!
    4. Home Visit: After a volunteer has contacted you, answered your questions and done a home visit, if your application is approved, you'll receive information on contacting the adoption coordinator.
    5. Selection: The adoption coordinator will have the most current information on the available dogs as well as information regarding their temperament, health etc. and will be able to match you with a suitable dog if they are available.
      • Our website ( and Facebook page (Rescued Love from Taiwan) are updated regularly with available and upcoming dogs.
      • If you are interested in one of the available dogs, you will have to proactively contact the coordinator to get current information.
      • Our goal is to match the needs of the dog to the needs of the family. The adoption coordinator reserves the right to make the final call on a suitable match.
    6. Adoption Fees:
      • As of January 2019, the adoption fee for puppies (8wk-2yr) is $650
      • As of January 2019, the adoption fee for dogs 2 - 4yrs is $550
      • As of January 2019, the adoption fee for dogs 5+ years is $450
      • The adoption contract requires the family be responsible for the cost to spay/neuter a puppy at the discretion of their vet and provide TLR proof of spay/neuter.

    Online adoption form

    Please be sure to review the sections above titled Before you apply and Adoption Process to be aware of our requirements and restrictions on adoption. We do not fly our dogs out of state.

    Contact Information
    Name *
    Best number to reach you at
    Best number to reach you at
    Have you adopted from TLR before? *
    When did your previous dog arrive from Taiwan? What was your dog's name from Taiwan?
    Address *
    Please include the county in your address. Please know that we do not adopt to families in apartments or condos without an attached yard. If you are outside of California - we do not fly our dogs out. If you wish to adopt, you'll have to drive to Northern California to do so.
    Background Information
    Please let us know if any of the adults in the household have mobility limitations. It will help us suggest an appropriate, possibly calmer and less jumpy dog.
    Please refer to the section title Children on this page regarding our policy and restrictions.
    Please list breed and age of other pets in your house
    Our policies do not allow us to adopt to families living in apartments/condos without an attached yard. Please refer to the section under Home & Yard on this page for our policy and restrictions.
    If you rent, a copy of your lease, or notarized statement from your landlord, confirming a large dogs is permitted is required before your application can be fully processed. Please email a copy of the contract to
    Please describe the height of the fence and the size of the yard Please review our requirements above.
    Is everyone in the family commited to having a dog?
    List approximite time and where the dog will be when left alone
    If you do not currently have a dog, have you owned dogs before? Have you previously owned a Golden Retriever? Have you adopted from a rescue organization before?
    Type of Dog
    Age Range
    Check the age of the dog you wish to adopt. Please check all that apply. Bear in mind that the younger the dog you are looking for, the longer the wait time will be. Please consider adopting a older dog!
    Adoption Fees *
    At the time of adoption, you will have to pay the adoption fee. If you decide not to keep the dog within 2 weeks of adoption and return the dog, your adoption fee will be refunded in full. 8wks - 2 years : $650 2- 5 yrs: $550 5+ yrs: $450
    Gender *
    Are you willing to adopt a dog with health problems *